Armstrong Flooring represents exquisite design, unfailing durability, inimitable quality, and welcoming service. It provides services and tools for residential and commercial flooring needs. It all began with Thomas Armstrong. In 1860 he opened up a two-man cork cutting shop in Pittsburgh. Armstrong pioneered the principle, “Let the Buyer Have Faith.” A phrase that was a play on the old saying, “Let the Buyer Beware.” This meant that all liability was on the customer. Instead, he stood by his products. This gave confidence to his customers in their purchases.

150 years later, the core values of Armstrong Flooring still remain true. Armstrong Flooring is always ready to adapt to meet the demands of the customers and the market. Here are some of what Armstrong Flooring has to offer:

  • Hardwood Floors. Armstrong Flooring offers a diverse selection of beautiful natural hardwood floors.
  • Engineered Tiles, Laminate, and Vinyl Flooring. These options come in a multitude of stunning designs and are easy to maintain.
  • Rigid Core. This award-winning style is perfect for those who want the most durability without sacrificing luxury.
  • Static Control Flooring. Armstrong Flooring's Static Control Flooring removes static and protects your expensive equipment.
  • Slip Retardant Flooring. This flooring guarantees the safety of your commercial areas.
  • Bioflooring. For a more sustainable option, try Bioflooring, a bio-based PVC free alternative.
  • Accessories and Tools. When paired with these products, you can rest assured that your floors are in able hands.
All these flooring options use Armstrong Flooring’s Diamond Standard of Quality. This is to ensure scruff and stain resistance, excellent strength, and long life value. Additionally, Armstrong Flooring believes in recycling and limiting its impact on the environment. It makes sure that sustainability is at the forefront of its business.

Armstrong Flooring is known as North America’s largest producer of flooring products. It has eight manufacturing facilities across the globe. This is a testament to its growth and continued success. Armstrong Flooring can create a space flawlessly suited for your home or business. The options for your floors are limitless.