Real Wood Floors has a passion to make beautiful hardwood floors for your home. The company commits to making the best hardwood floors in the industry. But alongside its goal to provide the best floors possible there is another mission at hand. Real Wood Floors is also committed to giving orphans a home. It strives to help children find homes, families, and futures, all while creating beautiful flooring. This double-mission motivates Real Wood Floors to serve, grow, and succeed. And succeed, they have.

To Real Wood Floors, knowing your why is a game-changer. Real Wood Floors’ mission started when CEO Sam Cobb visited an orphanage in China. He saw that this orphanage was the last hope to save those children. It touched his heart. He noticed that the children’s flooring needed renovation, so he used his contacts to gather a team to fix the floors at no cost. Everything after that is history. Real Wood Floors’ motivation is to provide the best services so that one day every orphan has a home.

Aside from this noble mission, the company strives to be an environmental steward. It uses the best manufacturing processes to lessen its impact on the environment. And, it partners with lumber providers that share the same values.

If you are searching for stunning floors for your home, you can trust that Real Wood Floors will have you covered. For more natural tones, try The Longhouse Plank Collection. Or, The Brick & Board Collection is perfect for those who want a fusion of classic and contemporary. There are many other options available. Real Wood Floors can create a style that works with your budget, values, and lifestyle.

Real Wood Floors design and make floors to meet every purpose, style, and budget. The company is all about helping people find the perfect floor for their homes. It has a passion for excellence. Real Wood Floors’ success is rooted in wanting to create a wonderful space for you and those most in need.