Turman Hardwood Flooring started in 2002. It specializes in sustainable and stylish hardwood floors. It is a subsidiary of The Turman Group, a company known for its sustainable wood products. Turman Hardwood Flooring provides for both residential and commercial hardwood floor needs. It delivers both quality and hospitable service. So you can trust that you are in capable hands when you work with Turman Hardwood Flooring.

Its source of wood comes from Appalachian Mountains of Southwestern Virginia. This is where some of the best hardwoods in the country are grown. The woods there have a unique rich color and attractive grain patterns. What's more, the forests in the region are certified sustainable. And to Turman Hardwood Flooring, sustainability is vital.

Reducing waste and being a good steward of the environment is at the center of its practices. It is so important to the company that it began manufacturing hardwood pellets in 2005. This effort was to limit wood waste and create an alternative renewable fuel source for home heating. Turman Hardwood Flooring believes that besides producing high-quality floors, it must have a profound respect for the environment. That’s why it refrains from fossil fuels and is carbon neutral. And, it replants any tree it harvests to ensure natural regeneration.

Additionally, the manufacturing process is something Turman Hardwood Flooring is deeply involved in. All employees are present at every step of the manufacturing process. From tree harvesting to the packaging of the finished product, the team at Turman Hardwood Flooring is there. They play a vital role in every step to give you the floors that you deserve.

To Turman Hardwood Flooring, hardwood will always be the superior choice. Why? Because the quality of hardwood floors make it worth the extra pennies. Unlike the cheaper engineered or laminate flooring, hardwood floors last generation after generation. Thus, Turman Hardwood Flooring prides itself in providing versatile and easy to maintain hardwood. It promises you a lifetime commitment to quality.