Bruce is an Armstrong brand which specializes in hardwood and laminate floorings. The company prides itself on its beautiful floorings and sustainable practices. It believes that high-quality floors are a product of high-quality materials. And more importantly, the focus is on producing quality, not quantity.

Its hardwood comes in a luxurious collection of styles, species, and specialty finishes. From hand-scraped styles to more traditional hardwood, Bruce has plenty of choices. And, 90% of its hardwood is grown in the United States from the Appalachian Mountain Range. This guarantees that the wood is of the highest grade possible.

Through Bruce’s milling process, each board comes out straighter, flatter, and fits more precisely. The stains of the wood are then made consistent by the high tech production it undergoes. And, its finishing system creates a balance between showing off the hardwood’s beauty and protecting it from damage. This rigorous process has 75 checkpoints to ensure that each board meets the highest possible standards. Beyond that, Bruce aims to practice sustainable forest management. It plants trees to replenish what it has harvested to do so.

Bruce’s laminate flooring is where durability, beauty, and affordability intersect. First off, Bruce’s style leaders are always on top of the latest trends. They bring together the freshest designs for your home. Bruce uses high definition imaging and advanced embossing techniques to create realistic designs and textures. It is so realistic that no one will be able to tell the difference between a Bruce laminate and the real thing!

Most importantly, Bruce offers many choices that cater to your needs. You can find popular, rare, and even exotic hardwood or stone laminate. These options are both affordable and gorgeous. And, some key features of a Bruce laminate are stain protection, easy installation, and unsurpassable strength. With Bruce, you can be certain that your laminate will be of the highest quality, durability, and value.