Mullican Flooring believes in providing expert craftsmanship and unmatched service. It specializes in creating beautiful and durable hardwood floors for your home. And, it designs and crafts all its hardwood by hand. Your floors will surely stand the test of time in style and toughness.

The company uses a  unique precision milling and kiln-drying technique. And, The hardwood undergoes an intense scrutinizing process. Each stage is carefully monitored to guarantee the highest quality of hardwood. This is to ensure that it produces some of the highest standards of hardwood floors.

It provides services to help you design and maintain your floors. At Mullican Flooring, there are many resources to aid you in your creative pursuits. It looks at the hottest trends and hooks you up with designs that complement your style. Here are some of its popular collections that will spruce up your homes:

  • Wirebrushed Floors. Durable and timeless. These wirebrushed floors create the perfect rustic look for your space.
  • Gray Blends. These dark to light hues create a serene oasis for you to enjoy.
  • Natural Finishes. You can never go wrong with the classics. These styles show off the natural and organic style of each species.
And, Mullican flooring goes a step further to make sure the installation, touch-ups, and maintenance of your floors are a breeze.

Conservation and sustainability are at the forefront of its core values. Most of its hardwoods come from slow-growing woods in the Appalachian Mountains. So, Mullican Flooring only chooses from areas of quick regrowth. It is also one of the only hardwood flooring providers certified environmentally sustainable.

Mullican Flooring believes that the tree is a symbol of life, virtue, and renewal. It focuses on sustainability without sacrificing quality. Above all, Mullican Flooring aims to provide the beauty and warmth of nature to your space.